Gutter Cleaning

Gutters we have previously cleaned for past and present customers, see for yourself.

At Flamboyant Home & Garden we clean all types of gutters whether overflowing, blocked or in just a need of a regular clean, we make sure your gutters and down pipes are clear allowing water to flow without any obstruction.

We get to these hard to reach areas using high performance gutter vacs, reaching over conservatories, even 3 storey buildings all working from the safety of the ground.

Gutter cleaning is so important down to these factors;

  • You avoid costly repairs to the Interior and exterior.
  • You will prolong the life of your gutters.
  • Camera equipment we will use can help detect potential future problems.
  • Prevention of penetrating damp.
  • Prevention of weight damage.
  • Prevention of pest damage.

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on the day of the booking............

What will happen on the day of your booking;

  • Gutter cleaning equipment will be set up.
  • Inspection camera checks gutters.
  • High performance gutter vac cleans gutters.
  • Down pipes are checked and cleaned as required.
  • Final camera inspection for any damage.
  • Equipment is packed away.
  • We tidy any mess from the job so nothing is left behind.