Patio & Driveway Installations


Start to finish 82 sq meters of Rocastone Milanese light grey Italian specialised anti frost & anti stain porcelain pathway and 2 patio areas. 

Start to finish 24 Sq meter grey moon quartz porcelain Patio and pathway. 

Before and after of 35 sq meters, elegant desert trio natural stone Installation & 8 meter length sleeper wall installation. 

Before and after of 18 sq meters victorian silver Hayes rustic cobbles installation. 

Before and after installation of 110 Sq meters of Indian sandstone, 30 Sq meters of turf and and 18 Sq meter concrete base, hard landscaping! 

Stary To Finish Light Grey Italian Quartz 30 Sq Meter Porcelain Patio Installation 

Start To Finish 27 Meter Squared Desert Sand Porcelain Patio. 

Start to finish 20 meter squared popular Indian Sandstone patio. 

Start to finish Installation of mixed buff gravel, 10 meter squared Rustic Noire blocked pathway and sleepers. 

Double Driveway Installation Each 50 Sq Meters of Kingspave Tumbled Trio Charcoal Blocks Very Modern!